Software for Truck and Railroad Scales

Integral Weighing System

Software for Scales designed to control the weighing process for trucks and railroad wagons.

It is a tool that makes the operation of the Scales something easy, agile and secure.

* Software exclusively for REVUELTA® Scales

Software for Scales designed to control the weighing process for trucks and railroad wagons.

It is a tool that makes the operation of the Scales something easy, agile and secure.


Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 x64 bits

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Several features

Based on a high-end relational data Access declarative language, along with a Structured Query Language (SQL), the Software can perform diverse arithmetic operations, unit conversions, reports of all the operations and transactions made with the Scale, and data transfers with administrative and control purposes, ensuring a high security on the way data is managed.

Base de Datos


The administration of tables, catalogs, and operations assigned to the different users of the Software is defined by the Administrator User of the Software REVUELTA SIP®, whom is responsible of granting permissions according to the needs of each operation and user.


The REVUELTA SIP® is an integral solution for the users: improves and potentiates the features of previous versions of the software and offers bigger technologic advantages that convert it in a powerful tool with superior connectivity possibilities.

Báscula Camionera

Customizable data input

REVUELTA SIP® is designed as flexible as possible, allowing the user to customize the data input, reports and notifications in order to adapt the operations to the particular working process of every company.


REVUELTA SIP® is a very powerful tool mainly for the users of our Truck and Railroad Scales, offering great utility functions taking advantage of the technological improvements available nowadays:

Using communication protocols and data exchange standards, the Software lets developers from different platforms have access to predefined SQL database records through web services.

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Customizable Web Services for a compatible connectivity with Enterprise Resource Planning software.

Customizable Tickets, Inquiries and Additional fields

SQL Database compatible with ERP systems and own applications

Send operations via email

High security in each process by defining each user's task

Register and convert each operation to a desired measurement unit

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 y 10 in 32 and 64 bits platforms

Automatic Database Backup and Maintenance plans

Upgrade of the latest version of the Software REVUELTA 100 XXI with data transfer from the previous version


[ Our commitment is to offer solutions that allow our users to have better control of each weighing and the process involved ]



The Software is capable of operating in different workstations with concurrent connections to the database without compromising the weighing process, operations log or scheduled tasks. (Standard Version)


Peripherals Control

The Software can also operate and control peripheral devices connected to the Scale to complement the weighing process, making it more agile and secure.


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System Requirements

Requerimientos de la PC


  • - Processor: Intel Pentium IV
  • - RAM: 1 GB
  • - HDD: 50 GB available
  • - USB Ports:
    • 1 USB port for Scale Communication
    • 1 USB port for License Key
  • - Resolution: 1280 x 768 minimum display resolution
  • - Operating System:
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 10
  • Network: Internet connection highly recommended for Remote Support
Administrador de Red Local o Empresarial


  • - The USER must be the ADMINISTRATOR of the PC of should have special permissions to install the Software.
    (E.g. A shortcut to RevueltaSIP.exe in Desktop)
  • - In case of being inside a Domain Network, the USER should have special privileges or permissions granted by the Network Administrator * in order to create and define an ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and additionally create and execute a batch file for the automatic start of the Database Connection service.
  • - The USER or GROUP of USERS of the PC that will operate the Software must have permissions to have access to the PC USB ports, along with a shortcut to the REVUELTA SIP®

* For more information about these permissions please contact the IT Department, Network Administrator or Technical Support in your company.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The aforementioned permissions or privileges are exclusive to the use of the PC, and are totally independent of those granted in the operation of the Software REVUELTA SIP®

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